The Northern Aesthetics Training Academy

What are we?

We are a unique Aesthetics Training Academy dedicated to training excellence and building confidence in both new and existing aesthetic practitioners. 

Our Story

The Northern Aesthetics Training Academy was developed as a result of Dr Lisa Dinley and Ruth Brady being inundated with requests fro training in the Midlands and the North of England as well as practitioners leaving other training courses with gaps in their knowledge or skill set and a lack of confidence to proceed in their own clinics and practices. We also head the same story time and time again- the lack of quality in aesthetic training courses in the Midlands and North of England. So, we both put our heads together and developed the academy, with the aim of providing high quality, safe aesthetic training to enable new and existing aesthetic practitioners to develop the necessary skills and confidence to flourish within their practice. So, watch out world! Here come the girls!

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