Covid 19 Info

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms. Please DO NOT attend for your appointment.

A high temperature. This means you feel hot to touch on your chest or back and measures above 37.8oc.

A new, continuous cough. This means coughing a lot more for an hour, or 3 or more coughing episodes in 24 hours (if you usually have a cough, it may be worse than usual.

Loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. This means you’ve noticed you cannot smell or taste anything or things smell or taste different to normal.

Anyone with symptoms must self isolate for 10 days from when their symptoms started. Anyone who does not have symptoms must self isolate for 14 days from when the first person in your home started having symptoms.

Advice from the Government for Dental Practices

As you will have seen from the recent government announcement, the 4th January, Dentistry can remain operating for both urgent and non-urgent dental care.

Our priority is, and always has been, to keep our patients safe and comfortable. We have introduced additional safety measures as detailed below.

Lisa, Justin and the rest of The Castle Clinic Team.

Before your Appointment

As you can see from our ‘What You Need To Know’ poster, we will be asking patients to follow a couple of simple steps prior to attending for their appointments.

1. Ensure we have your up to date mobile number and contact information. We will send you a link to your medical history questionnaire which will include additional Covid 19 Screening Questions. This is to reduce contact time in reception. We ask that you complete your medical history 48 HOURS before your appointment. You will also receive a Covid 19 consent form. Please ensure that this is signed, prior to attending the clinic, again to reduce contact time at reception.

2. Please attend your appointment alone unless absolutely necessary. We understand that patients may prefer to arrive with a friend or family member, however arriving alone reduces the amount of people in the building. In the cases of a chaperone for children or an individual with additional needs, translator or very nervous patients, we will make an exception. The individual will also be screened for Covid 19 symptoms and will be expected to follow the same rules as the patient. Please leave additional belongings at home or in your car.

3. Please wear a face covering or mask when attending for your appointment and do not attend early. We have tried where possible to stagger our appointments at set intervals to prevent the arrival of two patients at the same time. Please ring the bell on the front door and a member of staff can come and let you in. If you are late, we will need to rearrange your appointment as it will affect the timing of the appointments for the rest of the day. We will also try our best to inform you if we are running late. 

4. Sanitise your hands at the station located at the front door and avoid touching surfaces. One of our team will greet you and will then use our contactless thermometer to take your temperature. You will also be asked to put on a pair of non-latex gloves and a very fetching hair net! Do not be alarmed by what our clinical staff are wearing! As you will have seen on the news, clinicians are now required to wear additional personal protective equipment to ensure they are kept safe on the premises. 

5. We will ask you to place your face covering into a sealable bag. You will be provided your hair net and gloves in a sealable bag, please use this for your mask. The bag simply prevents your mask from touching other surfaces in the practice. We will also ask that your personal belongings are placed into a storage container in the surgery to avoid any cross-contamination.

6. We will ask all patients to rinse with a Orawise Mouthwash prior to any treatment. This reduces pathogens by up to 90% and only takes 30 seconds.

7. At the end of your appointment we will ask you to reposition your face covering before you head back down to reception. Please sanitise your hands before approaching the desk and we ask that patients pay by card if possible. All receipts and treatment plans can be emailed to you to prevent additional paper, should you wish.

Some extra points to note.

• Patients should maintain 2 metre social distancing measures where possible
• Patients should use the bathroom before their appointment as these will be locked on your arrival. Whilst we will be happy to unlock these, we would prefer to reduce the need for patients to use these facilities. You will find disinfectant wipes and gloves to use to wipe the facilities before/after use. Please place these in the bin provided and not down the toilet.
• If you cough or sneeze, please continue to catch it, bin it, kill it.
• Between all appointments, the dental team will thoroughly disinfect the surgery, reducing the risk of anything harmful while you are in the chair.