Dental Fees

Dental Fees

Below is a list of our dental fees. All dental patients will be required to make a part payment over the phone as a deposit for treatment. Alternatively, patients can come into the practice to pay this deposit in person if they prefer to pay in cash.

We are unable to make any exceptions for this as we have experienced non-attending patients in the past. This allows the time to be used for patients wishing to attend the practice as soon as possible including those in pain or with genuine dental emergencies.

Dental Treatment Prices


Referral Endodontics (Specialist Root Canal Treatment with Dr. Justin Dinley)

Endodontic Consultation and CBCT Scan (where necessary)
Specialist Root Canal Treatment
from £825.00
Apical Surgery
from £895.00
Large Core Rebuild
from £150.00
Bioceramic Putty Repair to treat Resorption
from £100.00
Fiber Post
from £100.00
Broken File Removal
from £100.00


General Dentistry

New Patient Dental Examination and Radiographs
Routine Examination
£15.00 each
Extractions/Surgical Extractions
From £75.00/£220
Scale and Polish with EMS Airflow

Fillings and Restorative

Fillings (Amalgam and Composite) small
from £110.00
Fillings (Amalgam and Composite) large
from £220.00
Veneers, Crowns, Bridges and Inlays
from £750.00

Emergency Appointments (Non- Registered Patients)

Emergency Appointment (Diagnosis and Radiographs)
Emergency Appointment (Emergency Tooth Repairs or Extractions)
Emergency Root Canal Treatment (With Specialist Endodontist Dr. Justin Dinley)
from £825.00


Home Whitening Trays and 4 x Gels
1 x Tube Gel

Tooth Grinding

Hard Occlusal Splint
from £500.00

Oral Surgery Consultation

£50 (but will be deducted from Oral Surgery treatment fees)

Dentistry with Pat Groves
Charged by appointment duration – These rates include examinations, cleaning, x-rays, fillings and extractions or any other treatments completed within the appointment time

15 minutes
30 minutes
45 minutes
1 hour