Dental Fees

Changes to our prices

As we have previously explained, there are many changes to how we practice dentistry on the premises. This includes; additional Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), additional cleaning measures in between patients, longer appointment times and less occupancy to the practice overall. For this reason, all of our prices now include a ‘PPE Fee’ which reflects all of these additional costs to the practice. We are unsure as to how long these will be implemented for, but they are legal requirements for the practice at this present time.

Dental Treatment Prices


Referral Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment with Dr. Justin Dinley)

Endodontic Consultation includes CBCT Scan where necessary
Root Canal Treatment
from £725.00
Core (Sealing with Composite)
from £100.00
Large Core Rebuild
from £150.00
Bioceramic Putty
from £100.00
Fiber Post
from £100.00
Broken File Removal
from £100.00
Apical Surgery
from £795.00

General Dentistry

New Patient Dental Examination and Radiographs
Root Canal Treatment
Routine Examination
£15.00 each
From £75.00


Handscale and Polish
Deep clean with stain removal (EMS Airflow)

Fillings and Restorative

Fillings (Amalgam and Composite) small
from £110.00
Fillings (Amalgam and Composite) large
from £220.00
Veneers, Crowns, Bridges and Inlays
from £750.00


Clear Orthodontic retainers each
Clear Orthodontic retainers pair
Retainer metal bar
from £120.00

Emergency Appointments

Emergency Extraction (New patient)
Emergency tooth repair or filling (New patient)
Emergency Root Canal Treatment (New patient)


Denture repairs
from £150.00
Denture reline
from £250.00
Addition of tooth to denture
from £150.00
New partial denture (1-4 teeth)
from £395.00
New full denture (5 teeth plus)
from £600.00


Home Whitening Trays and 4 x Gels
1 x Tube Gel

Tooth Grinding

Sleep Study and Analysis
Sleep Silencer Device
Hard Occlusal Splint
from £500.00


Implant Consultation
Study Models
CBCT stent
Bone graft using Bovine material
from £295.00
Sinus elevation with PRGF
from £295.00
Implant Placement (Single Tooth)
Implant Restoration (Single Tooth)

Sedation with Dr. Adam Winter

Sedation Check (Registered Patients Only)
IV Sedation
£300 + Treatment Fee

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