Having a beautiful smile means having a healthy smile

Much of modern dentistry focuses on preventing issues such as dental decay and gum disease. Routine check-ups with our dentists Lisa and Adam can help keep on top of problems before they manifest into someone more uncomfortable and costly to fix. Hygiene appointments help maintain your gums, removing tartar and plaque from your enamel before gum disease has the chance to progress.

An incomplete smile can impact your confidence – we can fix that

Restorative dentistry provides natural-looking and long-lasting solutions for damaged or missing teeth. Whether you have a single chipped tooth or a gap, we can help to complete your smile. There is no need to live with problems in your smile longer than you have to.

Enhance the smile that nature gave you

Not happy with your smile? We have a range of cosmetic treatments that improve and enhance. Whether you only want to cover up a slightly crooked tooth or brighten up your full smile, we have the services to get you closer to the dream smile.

Routine Dentistry

Seeing a dentist every 6-12 months keeps an eye on your oral health.

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Preventing gum disease
with a thorough clean.

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Saving a tooth from extraction with root canal treatment.

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Boosting healing and shorting the recovery period for treatments.

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Accidents happen. Get in touch and we can see how best to help.

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White Fillings

Natural looking repairs for
cavities and calamities.

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Full-tooth restorations for completing your smile.

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Replacing a missing tooth without any fuss.

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Brightening your teeth
for a whiter, younger smile.

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A porcelain shell that improves the appearance of your front smile teeth.

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Tooth Grinding

Treatments available including mandibular advancement devices.

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Simple and surgical extractions to quickly remove problem teeth.

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Sleep Apnoea

Treating the symptoms of sleep apnoea whilst you sleep.

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