Facial Aesthetics

Reverse the ageing process with facial rejuvenation treatments

At Castle Clinic, we have one of the most diverse selections of aesthetic treatments in the North. Our Aesthetics Clinician Dr. Lisa Dinley, has multiple years of experience working on London’s Harley Street and now brings these innovative treatment procedures to the East Midlands.

Lisa is here to help enhance your natural beauty and many of her treatments work to regenerate and restore along with overall health benefits. This includes increasing skin cell turnover, boosting collagen, restoring volume and improving skin quality. It is not one size fits all and all her patients receive a treatment plan completely bespoke to them.

The Castle Clinic, a trusted provider in Facial Aesthetics

Patient safety is at the heart of everything we do.

1. We only use CE Marked products, many of which are only available to medically trained professionals

2. Our Aesthetics Clinician Dr. Lisa Dinley is highly trained. She holds a multitude of qualifications including an MSc in Aesthetics Medicine and very soon a MSc in Dermatology. She lectures and trains other clinicians all over the world and is a well known figure in the aesthetics industry. This along with her 20+ years of dentistry experience means you are in some of the safest hands possible. Training for aesthetics is not universal and it is possible to gain a qualification certificate in certain aesthetic treatments from a one day course.

3. All aesthetic treatment is performed in a surgery within a dental practice. This means the environment, equipment and products are all compliant to strict CQC standards (SAFE, CARING, EFFECTIVE, RESPONSIVE and WELL LED) including meticulous standards of infection control. Sadly other industries in aesthetics such as hair and beauty salons are not regulated or inspected against these standards for aesthetic treatments.

4. We have on site emergency drugs and defibrillator in the unlikely event of a medical emergency such as an allergic reaction. Again, we are only able to access and stock these drugs because we are medically trained clinicians. These include reversal drugs which ultimately save lives when administered within the first 5 minutes of a medical emergency.

5. We use a clinical computer system which logs batch numbers, injection sites and doses which allows the traceability of the product should any problems arise. All patients will be required to provide a full medical history and our level of medical training means we can understand any counter indications for certain aesthetic procedures.

We are incredibly passionate about the introduction of universal aesthetic regulations to help to improve the safety of the industry. Always do your research on the clinician, product and aesthetics procedure. These treatments are medical procedures and should always be treated as such.


It’s important that you know precisely what sort of treatments can help with your concerns. We offer in-house consultations, or consultations via an online format. The cost of this is £50, which is payable at the time of scheduling the appointment and will be deducted off any further aesthetic treatment. 

Anti-Wrinkle/ Anti-Sweating Injections

To reduce; Fine lines and wrinkles, Underarm and Facial Sweating, Headaches and TMJ Pain.

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Dermal Fillers including Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

To contour, sculpt, plump and smooth the lips, cheeks, under eye area, nose, jawline, temple and smile lines.

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PDO Thread Lift

Otherwise known as a ‘Non- Surgical Facelift’.

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Profhilo/Profhilo Body

Profhilo is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar chain molecule found in skin and throughout the body, identical across species.

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Viscoderm Hydrobooster 

The two expressions of hyaluronic acid from the makers of Profhilo

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Hinnao Treatment

Bioavailable Supplement Range

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Light Eyes

The only treatment that works on dark circles and puffy eyes!

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Fat Dissolving Injections

The next generation of injectable Deoxycholic Acid ‘fat dissolvers’ which treat tummies, thighs, love handles, bra rolls and double chins.

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Hair loss therapy

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PhilArt Biostimulators

Stimulating cell regeneration thanks to polynucleotides. Revolutionary antioxidant skin booster suitable for all skin types

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PRGF and Endoret Gel

Use the restorative power of your own plasma with Plasma Rich with Growth Factors. A completely natural filler
made from your plasma.

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Blood test and Medical Check

Begin your journey to better health.

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Zaffiro – Neauvia Nlift – LaserMe – Neauvia Cosmeceuticals

Smart Combination Therapy. The first synergetic mid-face protocol for amplified treatment outcomes.

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OBSERV 520X and TargetCool Device

A one-of-a-kind skin analysis system that exposes the skin like never before.

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Ultra-High Frequency Linear Scanner – Clarius

High-Definition Wireless Ultrasound for Specialized Patient Care

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Chemical Peels and Croma Face Masks

A chemical peel is a solution applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new cells.

Take a time out and experience an exclusive spa-moment with the Croma masks.

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Home Blood Testing Made Easy
Gain valuable insights into your health with one of our quick and easy blood tests.

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Facial Aesthetics Gallery

Examples of completed treatments at The Castle Clinic.

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