Liquid Lift

A liquid lift involves a combination of dermal fillers that plumps up areas in your face that have lost elasticity. The procedure produces results similar to a face lift but without the need for surgery. In fact, you can walk out the clinic the same day.

This treatment can address wrinkles and improve contours. We offer a cheekbone lift, jowl lift and a neck lift.

8 point lift

This specific method introduces fillers at 8 specific points on each half of the face: three points along the cheekbone, one along the labial fold, one on the bottom lift, two along the jawline and one at the front of the ear. The full face lift can be tailored.


Not all anti-ageing injections include dermal fillers and Botox. Mesotherapy rejuvenates skin with a cocktail of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and nutrients using a painless U225 gun. The combination causes reduced fat, cellulite and tightens loose skin. It can also help treat alopecia.


Benefit from the latest skin rejuvenation treatment – profhilo. This new treatment involves five injections that stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. The injections consist of a special combination of different isotopes of Hyaluronic Acid which work together to improve tissue quality. With this modern treatment, you only need two sessions.


Sunekos is a new Hyaluronic Acid and unique amino acid injectable treatment. This formula promotes cellular generation in the skin, replenishing collagen and elastin. As a result, this treatment gives a more youthful appearance and reduces lines.


This treatment involves applying many fine, short needles in the skin. The most common method of microneedling uses a dermaroller, which is a roller covered in small needles. We use an automated micro needling pen, its more accurate and precise than a derma roller. Using this causes the skin to become more youthful, plumper and can treat hair loss by simulating dormant hair follicles.

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