WOW facial ™

The Castle Clinic is proud to announce that we are the first aesthetic clinic in Nottingham to offer the WOW facial™. This is a bespoke treatment that will do absolute wonders for your complexion.

This treatment itself is a combination of six stages, all which contribute to giving you an amazing glow and a confidence you never knew! Choose the full 90 minutes of pure skin nirvana, a mini WOW package or mix and match to suit your skin type and budget

Re Surface Gentle Peel

Using our range of peels to gently resurface the skin and work on existing skin issues. There are 4 peels in the range so we will have one that is ideal for your skin type. Making the WOW facial a truly bespoke treatment.

Dermaplaning and Manual Exfoliation

Dead skin cells and peach fuzz are gently removed through an updated dermaplaning method. The tools are designed to carefully remove the particles which block pores. This allows for superior penetration of products throughout the facial and prevents any flaking post treatment.

WOW Fusion Micro Needling

A combination of Hyaluronic Acid & Succinic Acid is superficially needled into the skin using our innovative WOW Fusion device. It helps stimulate collagen & elastin, hydrates, brightens and improves the texture and tone of the skin. Both acids are found in the skin naturally and have a string anti-oxidising effect. Botulinum Toxin can be added to the mix to reduce inflammation and improve overall skin tone.


The WOW LED mask has professional strength green, blue, red and near infrared LED settings to stimulate collagen and elastin alongside purging the skin of toxins and bacteria to heal blemishes.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Increases hydration
  • Evens skin tone and texture
  • Shrinks enlarged pores
  • Restores radianc

Removes P-Acne Bacteria from deep within the skin to prevent new break outs.

WOW Hylaronic Sheet Mask

The mask is a collagen sheet mask infused with: super strength Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline, Stem Cells, fruit extracts and our unique RMCP complex. The transdermal technology allows the ingredients to penetrate the skin relaxing and infusing each layer.
It is famous for reducing dynamic wrinkles and lines and surcharging the skin with hydration ready to WOW! This mask can also be taken home to use for pamper nights for some WOW at home

WOW Element Protection SPF Spray

A post care cream with SPF and panthenol followed by a spritz of Hyaluronic Acid and Succinic Acid spray, which aids healing and seals the skin from pollution.


Express 1

– Cleanse, Peel, Wow Mask, SPF & Spray.

Express 2

Cleanse, Dermaplanning, LED Light Therapy, SPF & Spray.

Acne Blast

– Cleanse, Clarifying Peel & LED Blue Light Therapy.
£70 for one
£180 for two, & 3 extra LED Masks

WOW I’m Pregnant

– Cleanse, WOW Mask, Dermaplanning, LED Light Therapy, SPF & Spray.

Mini WOW

– Cleanse, WOW Peel, Dermaplanning, LED Light Therapy, SPF & Spray.

Hydrate & Brighten

– Cleanse, Brightening Peel, WOW Fusion & Serum, WOW Mask.

Repair (Sun Damage)

– Cleanse, Advanced Resurfacing or Brightening Peel, WOW Fusion & Serum, LED Green Light Therapy, WOW Mask, SPF & Spray.

Hydrate & Heal

– Cleanse, WOW Fusion, LED Light Therapy, WOW Mask, SPF & Spray.

WOW Facial ™ Range – Complete Pricing

Full WOW Facial
Express 1
Express 2
WOW I’m Pregnant
Mini WOW
Hydrate & Brighten
Repair Sun Damage
Hydrate & Heal
Acne Blast
£70.00 – £180.00
WOW Hylauronic Masks
LED Masks
£20.00 for 20 Minutes
from £50.00
WOW Fusion Microneedling
WOW Fusion Microneedling (with Botulinum Toxin)

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