Referrals At The Castle Clinic

Here at the Castle Clinic we accept referrals for Specialist Endodontics, Oral Surgery, Sedation, Facial Aesthetics and Bruxism.

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Specialist Endodontics

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Oral Surgery

Dr. Roya Rashidi has practised as a Tier 2 IMOS provider since 2017 and her experience includes multiple years in the Maxillofacial department at the QMC.

Roya is accepting referrals for a variety of oral surgery procedures on a private basis. These include the removal of impacted or carious teeth, retained and bulbous roots or any other complex extraction procedure.
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Dr. Adam Winter has been a member of SAAD (Society of Advanced Anaesthesia in Dentistry) since 2019. He provides intravenous sedation for patients with dental anxiety.

Adam is accepting referrals for IV sedation on a private basis. This provides peace of mind for nervous patients and can allow for multiple treatments to be carried out in a single session.
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Facial Aesthetics

During her early years after qualifying, Dr Lisa Dinley (nee Godfrey) spent much of her time working in hospitals in South Wales carrying out oral surgery, which she thoroughly enjoyed and found it to be very beneficial and educational. After this she dedicated the next few years of her career, working in a private practice on the famous Harley Street, London.

Lisa is passionate about education and not only loves to gain knowledge for herself, but also teaches and passes on her knowledge to other medical professionals. Lisa is a leading expert in Aesthetic medicine. She teaches and lectures both nationally and internationally in her field. She is a Key Opinion Leader for BTi-Biotechnology, focusing on personalised regenerative treatments and a biological approach to aesthetic medicine.

She specialises in the health benefits of aesthetic treatments – using non-surgical treatments to address issues like headaches, tooth grinding, and sleep-related breathing disorders including snoring and sleep apnoea. She also focuses on regenerative techniques especially in relation to skin rejuvenation and reversal and prevention of sun damage, treatment of scarring including Acne scarring and hair restoration. She also carries out clinical research to aid in the development of protocols adopted by different practitioners.

Lisa is accepting referrals for Aesthetics on a private basis.
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Dr Lisa Dinley (nee Godfrey) is an approved clinician and trainer for various mandibular advancement devices. During her additional training, she has developed a special interest in jaw problems including clenching and grinding, TMJ disorders, treatments of headaches and the association of sleep related breathing disorders with Bruxism.

Lisa can provide a sleep study for patients to detect a potential apnoea and produce a Mandibular Advancement Device bespoke to the patients needs. Alternatively, she can administer Botulinum Toxin to treat the overworked muscles to relieve the painful symptoms of Bruxism.

Lisa’s combination of qualifications put her in the perfect position to treat Bruxism. These include a MClinDent in Prosthodontics and a MSc in Aesthetics.

Lisa is accepting referrals for Bruxism on a private basis.

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