Referrals for Specialist Endodontics

Welcome to the Justendo@The Castle Clinic, a leading midlands dental practice dedicated to the specialty of endodontics. Our mantra is to provide the best care possible for all patients, making you feel relaxed from the initial contact with our practice, through to treatment and personal aftercare.

We aim to provide a pain free service, in the most upto-date surroundings with expert care.

Justendo provides a service exclusive to endodontics. This means we will ONLY consult and treat Endodontic cases and NOT other conditions such as periodontal treatment, fillings, Crowns or Implants
Unlike many practices with specialist or special Interests in endodontics, we do not only provide 1 day of treatment a week or every other week.

At the Castle Clinic we work 5 days a week Full Time in order to reduce waiting times. This also allows us to reserve two afternoons per week for emergency patients so that we can always see pain patients quickly in order to treat your symptoms.

ALL patients are required to have a consultation prior to treatment; the reason for this is that you cannot reach a diagnosis without an examination. Many clinical situations can be missed if information is only based on a referral letter or an over the phone conversation. This allows us to be efficient in time management and also reduces potential costs to the patient, for instance if a patient is booked in for treatment and the tooth is unsalvageable.

During consultation, we will often choose to perform a CBCT (cone beam computer tomography) of your tooth or teeth. Unlike many practices that may charge for this, we believe that this extra cost should not be incurred as the information gained helps us plan and execute your treatment more effectively, this increases the successful outcome of your endodontic treatment

What Is a Specialist in Endodontist

A Specialist Endodontist is a GDC registered specialist dentist who is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of tooth based pathology.

Endodontists receive three or more years of advanced education in Endodontics. As a result of the specialist training, endodontists are skilled in finding the cause of oral and facial pain, treating traumatic injuries to the tooth, diagnosing a cracked tooth and performing other procedures that save teeth.

As an Endodontist, limiting my practice solely to endodontic treatment, we perform routine as well as difficult and very complex procedures, including root canal treatment, root canal retreatment and endodontic microsurgery. We use the most advanced technology in the field and we are therefore most efficient and precise. This equates to positive experiences and faster healing.

We offer tremendous flexibility in accommodating emergency cases, so delays in treatment are kept to a minimum and patients can be relieved of dental pain quickly. We are also readily available for post-treatment questions or concerns.

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If you would like to make a referral, please get in touch using our referral form.