The Castle Clinic Chocolate & Roses Facial

13th February 2019


As you know, here at The Castle Clinic we offer bespoke Dentistry and Aesthetic appointments to a wide range of clients. However, in the run up to Valentines Day (14th February, just for anyone that may have forgotten!), we felt like we wanted to offer our clients something a little more fun and quirky. After some research, we found a lovely little treat, in the form of a Chocolate & Roses Facial. Initially, we found this facial when Victoria Beckham announced that she like’s to take daughter, Harper for this tasty treat and after carrying out our own research, we quickly saw an open space in the market, and couldn’t find anyone locally that carried out the treatment. Hence the Chocolate & Roses Facial was born! We sourced out a very lovely supplier, who hand makes all of her products to order, with all natural ingredients.

So, what is the Chocolate & Roses Facial? Let’s break it down.

This limited-edition luxury facial uses the finest hand-crafted skincare products made in the UK with essential oils, real chocolate and cocoa butter and raspberry extracts. This treatment  will leave the skin feeling nourished, supple and glowing! The delicious, good enough to eat  facial offers a treat for the senses whilst the therapeutic ingredients boost skin health.

The treatment itself starts with a cleansing massage using a Rose & Vanilla Cleansing Balm, which is then removed using soothing warm pads.

After this, we like to exfoliate your skin using the Cocoa Rose Facial Polish. This is where you will get your first hit of that delightful chocolaty smell! This is a gentle exfoliating polish that is designed to remove those pesky dead skin cells and brighten your skin.

Next comes the chocolate massage! First we melt some pure cocoa chips and add in some of the beautiful smelling Rose & Vanilla Oil. This is then massaged into the face, focusing on the forehead and various pressure points.

We use this same mix, but now add  in some cocoa powder, which alters our mixtures slightly and enables us to apply it as a face mask. This  lovely warm chocolate is then left on your skin for at least twenty minutes, whilst we give your hands a little treat too! You can chose from the Rose & Vanilla Cleansing Balm, or a White Chocolate and Rose Moisturiser.

Once the face mask has been removed, we lastly apply the White Chocolate & Rose Moisturiser to leave your skin feeling supple and soft.

This facial has proved to be very popular and has been featured in the Nottingham Post (front page), NottsTV, BBC Radio and CJBSpotlight.

If you would like to book in, or require a little more information, you can send us a message via the website, any of our social media pages, or by calling us on 0115 8556123

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