Facial Aesthetic Fees

Facial Aesthetics Prices

The Castle Clinic Facial Aesthetic Price List

Prices From
Consultation with Dr Lisa Dinley
£50 (which will be deducted from any aesthetic treatment you have at the Castle Clinic)

Anti-wrinkle injections

Upper Face
1 area from £225
Light Eyes Upper or Lower Lid
From £175
Light Eyes Both Lids
From £225

* If using TargetCool with injectables, please add + £15


Dermal Fillers
1ml from £275
Lip Fillers
Form £275
Tear Trough
From £295
Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping
From £295

PhilArt Biostimulants

From £200
PhilArt Eye
From £200
PhilArt Hair
From £200
PhilArt Next
From £200

Hyaluronic Acid

Profhilo (2x treatments recommended)
From £250
Viscoderm Hydrobooster (2x treatments recommended)
From £250

Additional Treatments

Chemical Peels
From £150 for 1 treatment
Microneedling (using DermaPen)
From £175 for 1 treatment
PDO threads
From £500 for small area
PDO Threads (full face)
From £1500
From £200 for 1 treatment
Mole and Skintag Removal
From £175
Anti sweating injections
from £399
Filler Dissolving with ultrasound
from £200
Ultrasound examination
from £100

PRGF Treatments

PRGF Endoret Fillers
From £750
Endoret Gel
From £750 for 6ml of product
From £250 for 1 treatment
Hair Loss Therapy using PRGF
From £500 per treatment (multiple treatments recommended)

Fat dissolving injections

From £250
From £350

Depends on extent of area to be treated, repeat treatments may be necessary after 6 weeks.

Treatments for TMJ and Tooth Grinding

Anti-grinding Injections
From £350

E50 Exosomes

1 session (3-5 sessions recommended 1-2 weeks apart)
3 sessions
5 sessions

Neauvia Zaffiro

Neauvia Zaffiro NLift
From £1500
Zaffiro Hydra-Thermo lift
From £340
Zaffiro Hydro-Exfoliation
From £99

Neauvia LaserMe

Full Face Treatment (single treatment)
From £250
Full Face Treatment (course of 3)
From £650
Single treatment of a smaller area
From £150/£175

Neauvia Sectum

Single Face Treatment
Sectum Face – course of 3 treatments
Neauvia Nboost
Body Sectum
Body Sectum (course of 3 treatments)

Blood test and health check

Consultation, blood test, results and treatment plan

Plim Finance Option

If you have been tempted by one of our larger packages over £300 and would like to spread the cost, then our new Plim Finance option could be just for you.

Plim is a platform that offers an interest free “Buy Now, Pay Later” credit service that allows you to spread the cost of your treatment over 3 months.

A convenient and secure payment method that allows you to pay for your medical aesthetic services and Root Canal Treatments with ease. 

  • Spread the cost of treatments over 3 months.
    Pay a 25% deposit upfront and the remaining 75% in the following 3 months. This payment plan is available for transactions from £300 to £3,000.
  •  0% interest! Unlike credit cards and other payment methods, Plim does not charge any interest on your payments. This means you can enjoy affordable monthly payments without any additional fees.
  • Discretion: Pay with Plim and the clinic name won’t appear on your bank statement. This provides an extra layer of privacy and ensures that your medical aesthetic treatments remain confidential.

We will ONLY offer finance on treatment courses or packages between £300 and £3000.


  1. On your desktop device via Plim Marketplace
  2. On your phone via Plim Marketplace
  3. Directly in clinic
GoCardless Payment Option

What exactly is GoCardless?

Think of GoCardless as a ‘treatment now, pay monthly’ system. 

You can choose a treatment package based on your unique needs and pay via direct debit on a monthly basis for a set term.

How do I get started with GoCardless?

During your initial consultation, we will discuss the outcomes you would like to achieve from your treatments. This will allow us to select the treatment package that is ideally suited to you.

We will then take care of all the technical stuff and will provide you with a link to sign up and activate your GoCardless account. 

It’s as simple as that.

What are the benefits of GoCardless?

GoCardless allows you to spread the cost of your treatments over a 12-month period. Your monthly payment will depend on the package you have chosen, and you can choose a set payment date that best suits your needs.