Facial Aesthetic Fees

Facial Aesthetics Prices

The Castle Clinic Facial Aesthetic Price List

Prices From
Consultation with Dr Lisa Dinley
£50 (which will be deducted from any aesthetic treatment you have at the Castle Clinic)

Anti-wrinkle injections

Upper Face
1 area from £225
Light Eyes Upper or Lower Lid
From £175
Light Eyes Both Lids
From £225


Dermal Fillers
1ml from £275
Lip Fillers
Form £275
Tear Trough
From £295
Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping
From £295

PhilArt Biostimulants

From £200
PhilArt Eye
Form £200
PhilArt Hair
From £200
PhilArt Next
From £200

Hyaluronic Acid

Profhilo (2x treatments recommended)
From £250
Viscoderm Hydrobooster (2x treatments recommended)
From £250

Additional Treatments

Chemical Peels
From £150 for 1 treatment
Microneedling (using DermaPen)
From £175 for 1 treatment
PDO threads
From £500 for small area
PDO Threads (full face)
From £1500
From £200 for 1 treatment
Mole and Skintag Removal
From £150
Anti sweating injections
from £399
Filler Dissolving with ultrasound
from £200
Ultrasound examination
from £100

PRGF Treatments

PRGF Endoret Fillers
From £750
Endoret Gel
From £750 for 6ml of product
From £250 for 1 treatment
Hair Loss Therapy using PRGF
From £500 per treatment (multiple treatments recommended)

* Recommended

Fat dissolving injections

From £250
From £350

Depends on extent of area to be treated, repeat treatments may be necessary after 6 weeks.

Treatments for TMJ and Tooth Grinding

Anti-grinding Injections
From £350

E50 Exosomes

1 session (3-5 sessions recommended 1-2 weeks apart)
3 sessions
5 sessions

Neauvia Zaffiro

Neauvia Zaffiro NLift
From £1500
Zaffiro Hydra-Thermo lift
From £340
Zaffiro Hydro-Exfoliation
From £99

Neauvia LaserMe

Full Face Treatment (single treatment)
From £250
Full Face Treatment (course of 3 treatments)
From £675
Small Area: e.g. mid face acne scaring; single treatment)
From £150/£175