Lip Fillers- In The Know.

2nd April 2019

Over the past few years, it seems as though the world has gone lip filler mad. With lip fillers currently being one of the most top searched for cosmetic treatments on Google, with searches in the UK being ten times higher than they were four years ago plus the number of posts made to social media with the hashtag #lipfillers and #fillers combining at a whooping 1.7 million, we thought it was about time to delve into the world of lip augmentations and discuss some little facts with you.

There is no doubt that 2015 made lip fillers what they are today. This was when Kylie Jenner finally confessed to having her lips filled, which promoted clinics to see a 70% rise in inquiries in 24 hours. Although people like Kylie may have spearheaded the campaign for lip fillers, she isn’t the only reason it has taken off. Nowadays, it is more socially acceptable, with people that may normally spend a lot of lip plumping lipsticks and face creams, they’re now opting for lip fillers and botox.

Here are some facts and advice we’ve put together to help you decide on the perfect lip filler treatment for you.

1: How much filler do you need? You may have a particular look in mind, or you might have very thin lips and just want a fuller look, but either way people need to understand that it may not happen over night. To achieve the look you want, it can take a few sessions. Building gradually in our opinion is much better than rushing in head first and going for the full amount, ending up with a famous ‘trout pout’

2: Does it hurt?: We wouldn’t say it ‘hurts’ but you may feel some slight discomfort, but it isn’t unbearable. We used a strong topical gel first, which takes away the sting.

3: How much does it cost? Starting from £175 for 0.5ml

4: Which practitioner should I use? Choose a fully qualified medical practitioner. Don’t be afraid to ask to see their qualifications. If they have nothing to hide, then they won’t mind showing you! Nowadays, you can walk into a beauty salon and receive the treatment, but you can’t be too careful. There are lots of online articles about lip fillers gone wrong after patients hastily jumped into getting the treatment before checking the person doing it was qualified and reputable. Choose someone that has a long history of carrying out the procedure- they’ll be more experienced.

5: How long do they last? Approximately 6 months before you’d require a top up.

6: Can you get the filler taken out if you don’t like it? Yes, of course! Not that there is any reason why you wouldn’t like it, but just in case, we are able to dissolve the lip filler for you.






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