Hair Loss Therapy


Many men and women are concerned regarding thinning hair. We offer a treatment to stimulate hair growth and therefore minimise the visible effects of hair loss.

This treatment can be effective for cases of prolonged, acute hairloss, diffused thinning, progressive receeding hairlines and overall loss of hair volume.

What does the treatment involve?

Simply put, a sample of blood is taken from the patients arm and spun in a centrifuge. This separates the blood into different components and allows the platelet rich plasma (PRP) to be extracted from the red and white blood cells. Once extracted, we inject this plasma back into the scalp using a procedure called Mesotherapy. This helps to promote new hair growth and increases hair density and diameter.

We use a very fast, pulsating machine to do this and most patients report little or no sensation during this procedure. No anaesthetic is required.

We recommend a course of 4 treatments for optimal benefits and each session takes around 30-45 minutes in total. We have had fantastic results which are visible in our before and after photos and patients are often left delighted that they didn’t opt for a more surgical and invasive hair transplant.

As the procedure uses 100% of your body‘s own substances, it is comparably safe and well tolerated.

The treatment is proven to be very effective, however the level of response is very individual and this can influence how many appointments a patient would require.

The Arthrex ACP® – The chosen collection method of PRP

Not all collection methods are the same and The Castle Clinic are proud to use The Arthrex ACP® Collection System when it comes to PRP.This method comes with a multitude of benefits in comparison to other products on the market.

  • The system enables the production of 5-6ml of PRP with a platelet concentration of about 2 and a half times above baseline of other collection methods.
  • It involves a double syringe which makes it a closed, sterile system which reduces significantly the risk of contamination.
  • As a it achieves optimum nutrition of concentration, results are obtained in less number of sessions as compared to conventional PRP.
  • Producing the ACP with the Arthrex ACP System can be performed within minutes. Typical platelet rich plasma (PRP) systems can take up to 45 minutes to process the blood for application, thereby delaying treatment and increasing the cost of the procedure.
  • Arthrex ACP double syringe enables simple preparation of clinically assessed and proven PRP without compromising on safety and quality.
  • Fastens cell renewal since it contains growth factors and other extracellular matrix components.
  • FDA approved, gold standard Platelet-rich plasma.
  • The pure physical process is used to separate PRP from the other blood components, enabling to avoid the use of synthetic separation gels or anticoagulants.